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Climbing French Beans – the wigwams are made!

Building things and being constructive feels good. I get a kick out of it. I get a big kick out of gardening for this very reason, plus I get to eat the end product. I consider it a great use of a Saturday afternoon to build things, and this weekend it was wigwams made out of cane for my French Climbing beans to wind around and up.

The first set are in long pots on a patch of concrete….bean wigwams

I had a couple of bamboo canes left over which i’ve added to  the Brassics raised bed at the back of the garden. bean wigwam2I tied the canes using a technique i learnt a long time ago when i was a boy scout – i never thought it would ever come in useful.cimg2117.jpg 

I’ve planted two types of bean, Neckar gold, which have attractive yellow pods, and Barolotta di Riza which have crazy pink and brown mottled pods. I’ve planted lettuces in between every other bean to add some ground cover, i’ll add some herbs too once i have some from the germinator.


Dancing Kittens

Its wrong, you know its wrong – like blowing rasperries on your girlfriend’s tummy, but somehow you manage to convince yourself that its right ……

Second Life’s Carbon Footprint

What’s the carbon footprint of a second life avatar? That’s an interesting question posed by this blog ( [link]0

I’m taking an MSc in Climate Change which has increasingly led me to be interested in the sustainability of technology.

Many virtual technologies are touted as being sustainable solutions – but the entire system needs to be considered when making these claims.

Second Life’s huge server power needs are a good example of the hidden downsides to areas that may be easily perceived as energy efficient.

Crouch End health centre to close?

According to a notice tied to a lamp post ouside Budgens the Crouch End health centre on Middle Lane may be closing. The notice referred to this public meeting held last week.

Presentation issues

I’m using Mozilla and opera to write and edit blog posts, but at work i realised that this template doesn’t work in Internet Explorer – bummer. So i reckon i’ll have go with some other templates before i settle on one. As much as i don’t like using IE, its nice to be readable.

I’ll see if there’s any blog chat on formatting.

In the beginning…….

This is an online space where I am going to collate stuff about my local area, Crouch End in North London, and things that interest me…. So this will begin as an online collection of my thoughts and stuff – and i’ll see how it evolves from here.