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People Tree sale – cheap fairtrade and organic shirts

Arrived in the post, following hot on the heels of my recycled shoes were the shirts that i’d ordered from People Tree‘s sale. I bought a t-shirt and a pinstripe shirt, all at bargainous prices. I like People Tree’s clothes, as their cotton is such good quality that it feels like silk. I’ve been buying clothes from them for about 3 years now – although i can’t remember when I bought something full price from them. They tend to have good sales several times a year, and they sell ex display pieces of clothing from their offices off Curtain Road or more recently from the space under the Truman Brewery off brick lane.


Recycled shoes

I’m now the proud owner of two pairs of recycled shoes. The first pair were a bit of a novelty, they are a limited edition Worn Again Big Issue pair that are a little off the wall, especially the bright green laces…. However, the new pair are much more normal looking – so much so that i can even wear them for work. This is quite a big improvement on some of the other recycled shoes i have seen, which are ok as fashion shoes but would struggle in a more formal setting. It’s vital that products that are sustainable are affordable and comparable in quality to similar products – and these shoes are although that’s largely because they were half price in the sale. I’ve nominated Terra Plana, who sell and make the shoes for best environmental products in the Observer sustainable awards, because i’m so impressed with the shoes and the rest of their range. They also make sure that their packaging is recycled and their bags are fabric.Their bags are either luminous green or dreary red – not so good

Howies news

Howies are a sustainable clothing firm based in pembrokeshire in Wales. They are one of a number of small companies that have come to prominence recently, along with People Tree, who promote fair-trade, organic or sustainable clothes.

Howies make a mix of outdoorsy and fashion clothing. I have a Merino wool base layer from them i bought this September for the start of the cold weather – wow – it is some piece of kit. It has the uncanny knack of getting warmer as the weather gets colder, but without being sweaty and clammy like a synthetic top.

So far so trendy. The interesting news is that Howies are going into partnership with Timberland to grow their business. The interesting part of this article on the Howies website is how serious Timberland are taking their own commitments to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Impressive stuff. It’s good to see this kind of collaboration. In an increasingly competitive market you may hope that as green values become more prevalent in the factors determining consumer choice that this is exactly the smart kind of positioning that a progressive company could undertake to carve out a new niche.