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ITB strain updated

More on my ITB strain- and another painful physio session today. Progress is being made on strengthening my gluts and resetting my left ITB, and i’m allowed to run, although the worst thing i can do is to run on hills, specifically down hill. In an are like this that’s pretty insane, so aparrently i can run uphill but i have to walk downhill- there’s going to be alot of walking!


ITB Strain

For ages i’ve had really bad knee pain after a distance running or after a day or two cycling – and after a Gp’s referral and a bit of a wait I had a session of physio at the Crouch End HealthCentre.  

I have been diagnosed with a tight ITB – its a bit hard to explain what this is but there is a good guide halfway down this page 

There is a good picture of the ITB on the site ITB

At the moment the fibre gets inflamed when i run, as running causes it to  flick across my knee.

The treatment is deep tissue massage to the muscles attached to the ITB (this is agonising),  stretches to the legs and exercises to the glut muscles (the ones on your arse) to take the strain off the knee.