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The slums of Crouch End

How Crouch End is this? an article in the local rag bemoans the slums of Crouch End, that is the poorly kept flats above the boutiques and bijou shops. Its a bit rich seeing as apart from the Church, most of Crouch End is younger than the Crimean War, and most of “Old” crouch end post dates the real heritage (Crouch Hall, the Opera House, the Manor House to name but a few) which seems to have been pulled down to create housing for Victorian shop keepers.

Besides which there are worse examples. On top of Crouch Hill is a Victorian semi that has beautiful stained glass but appears to have been renovated for the last two years judging from the rubble and timber outside. Yet this debris is semi preferment and symptomatic of the general disrepair of the house. I keep spotting it off the W7, one day I’ll get off and get a decent picture.


Green N8

It’s taken me a year to find this site – but here it is. It certainly didn’t come up when i searched for Green and Crouch End in google. Instead i found it because of an article on Parkland Walk in the local paper. Green N8 seems to be a forum for local green discussion – it is hard to tell how many people use it as most of the discussion board postings date from the last week or two.