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Chew on this! – Ben Wilson displays in Crouch End the work was done a few weeks ago, residents of Crouch End can still find works by Ben Wilson on the Broadway. There are four works outside Budgens, and one more at the base of the Clocktower. There may be more around but it’s not obvious where they are….

Ben’s medium is chewing gum – he is a pavement artist, but at some point in time Ben became aware that painting on the pavement is illegal, whereas you can do whatever you like to chewing gum that is stuck to it – at least that’s what I overheard Ben saying to some teenagers who seemed completely captivated by what he was doing.

Ben lives in Muswell Hill and is a bit of a local celebrity of sorts – there’s a fair few articles about him in the local press, next time i see him working I’ll ask if he can create something just for me.


I see famous people

Crouch End is famous for people being famous. There’s even a blog about spotting them in the area. I once saw Simon Pegg outside Woolworths, but aparently he’s beginners level c’leb spotting.