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Green N8

It’s taken me a year to find this site – but here it is. It certainly didn’t come up when i searched for Green and Crouch End in google. Instead i found it because of an article on Parkland Walk in the local paper. Green N8 seems to be a forum for local green discussion – it is hard to tell how many people use it as most of the discussion board postings date from the last week or two.


Solar Power

Recently I’ve been experimenting with 3 different bits of Solar Kit. Solar power seems to have become very affordable very quickly over the last few years ….this has led to some really interesting items.

Firstly, some LED fairy lights designed to be used outside that have a solar charged battery attached to them. They are similar to the types of solar garden lights that have been around for some time. They charge up during the day, and then when the light falls to a low enough level this switches the circuit to turn the lights on. LED lights are very low powered, and only an hour of decent sun gave these a decent display in the twilight. I have the cord wrapped around a tree branch in the garden – and the effect is lovely. I got these off ebay, shipped from China, they are very impressive, and should have a decent lifespan.

The second is the “Freeloader” – as advertised in the Guardian Readers Offers, which is where I got mine. July is the peak month in the UK for solar radiation, so it is getting near the the optimum time for solar devices. The Freeloader works on the basis that a pair of panels trickle charge a lithium battery, which can then be discharged into another device- in my case my trusty Nokia 8310. Because i’m not sure how waterproof the freeloader is -(and it doesn’t look very) I’ve not been tempted to leave it outside over night or get up at dawn to set it up. Instead, the best two runs have come these last 2 weekends when I’ve remembered to put it outside the back door at midday, for half a day’s charge. The results are ok, half a day gives between 6-10 minutes of phone charge, depending on whether partial shade obscured the device or not. That’s enough to have kept the phone on 3/4 power all day today – with little use. It remains to be seen if there is any practical benefit of using it at one of the summer festivals.

Thirdly, there is a solar battery charger from Maplin that charges a number of different “A” size batteries. I had this in a window during the winter and it did a decent job or topping up the AAA batteries for my bike lights – but seems much less good at the AAs i have. This isn’t helped by the different capacities of the batteries I have, but the AAA’s are all the same type of high capacity battery so that’s no excuse really!

Greenhouse made from recycled drinks bottles

inside the bottle greenhouseThis is simply incredible! I saw a half built copy of one of these on a recent visit to Glasgow, but here is the real thing in Fife – how completely mad and yet incredibly inventive is this? A greenhouse made from recycled drinks bottles. It’s not completely sealed, the version i saw was a little draughty, and was yet to be topped off with a roof…. it is tempting to try and recreate this for myself, however, it needs about 200 bottles per wall!

Unblocking the kitchen sink

Picked up this tip on the Internet today, and it works a treat. I was going to unblock the sink with some nasty acid bought from a hardware shop – but there’ssome liquid leaked out of the bottle into the plastic containing it – i got a bit freaked. Some research later revealed this gem, to unblock a sink try boiling a full kettle, and then pouring the boiling water down the plug hole.

Absolutely magic! It’s not guaranteed to work for everything but it certainly feels alot better, and safer than mucking around with sulphuric acid…..