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Studying sustainability

I’ve been a bit quiet recently – I’ve had my head completely engulfed in writing an assignment for my part time MSc. I’m taking a course in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from DeMontfort University in Leicester, which is arranged completely by distance learning. The course would take a year to complete full time, I’m aiming to do it in 3 years – and so far so good. But doing the work takes a great deal of patience, planning, discipline and persistence. Luckily for me my girlfriend is a good proof reader and copy writer and has helped me to finish my latest piece of work.

The task was to write an assessment of the UK Sustainable Development Strategy  which is no small task, as it runs to over 160 pages, and took me a week to read. In a nutshell, I was quite impressed, the rhetoric is pretty impressive and mostly encouraging (except the bits on burying carbon, doubling air traffic, adopting nuclear power….) however the delivery is a different story. For example it promises to cancel debt for developing nations – and what actually happened wasn’t quite so impressive, so lets hope future students only have those decisions to criticise in future years.