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Onion Selling Frenchman

On Friday at around 5pm there was a man stood by a bicycle in crouch end outside Woolworths, on the bike were bunches on onions and shallots. There was a small notice on the bike saying “stop me and buy one” so i did. The man had a ridiculously thick French accent, which led me to think he wasn’t actually French, but regardless he has plaited bunches of shallots and pink sweet onions for sale for £2. I bought some shallots, and very nice they are too (here they are hanging in my kitchen). No one else i know has seen him there before – did anyone else stop and buy onions? I should have taken his picture, but it was Friday night, I wanted to get home….but Paul kindly has taken a picture and put it on his site!.Shallots


Hummus is the cause of middle class angst

Areas of london are judged by their media consumption – a quick search on confirms that there are lots of people near me who read the Guardian. You could also argue that you can tell much from an area by the amount of space in the chiller cabinets of the local shops dedicated to Hummus. Or at least, that’s what I suddenly realised on the way home when i stopped in at Londis on Ferme Park Road. I was buying Milk – my eyes got drawn to a fridge with about 10 different varieties of Hummus, plus similar varieties sold by different brands. It has made me wonder – how bad is the hummus habit of the Crouch End middle class that it can support beetroot hummus? Ok so I made that one up – literally, I’m so far gone that my own habit means only homemade hummus can satisfy the cravings. Over the next few weeks I’m going to note how many different varieties there are on offer in different local outlets – prepare to be shocked!

Purple carrots in Crouch End Budgens

Hurrah for Budgens who are selling English grown purple carrots. Its encouraging to see different varieties of vegetables in the supermarket – even if Budgens in Crouch End is a bit more  of a special supermarket that seems to be very responsive to the clientele. But – big but – the carrots, sold in roughly a dozen are in a plastic tray and then wrapped in more plastic – there’s really no need for so much plastic!

I didn’t take Local Environment minister Ben Bradshaw’s advice, instead I didn’t buy the carrots. I’ll write to Budgens and see what happens.