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Cider Update

Oh Happy Day!

The Kings Head on the Broadway has started selling Weston’s Organic Cider on hand pump – they also have Addlestones on tap. They’ve probably had it for ages but i’ve not been in for a while….


Island Queen – Islington

not me inthe pictureLast night’s drinking was at the Island Queen pub, Islington for my friends birthday. Sore head today is is mostly due to this stuff, Weston’s organic Cider Westons cider It’s far too nice, and i forget how strong it is.

At some point i’ll get round to putting up a page to the summer cycle tour that I took with a friend around Somerset, Devon and Cornwall – cider-tasting as we went.

That’s an aside.

The Island queen was much busy than I remember it being when i’ve been there before.

It’s off the beaten path a little which means that it gets a different crowd to those of upper street, bit quieter less random.

It has an amazing wood and glass interior, rather disturbingly the back of the pub seems to be held up by scaffolding

– at least that’s how it appeared after a few Westons…..

And i’ve had the chance to update the video of the birthday girl finishing off her pint