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Project 104 Mountview

Project 104

Finally I have tracked down the Myspace site for Project 104, i was doing some digging for a friend who is interested in the project – here’s the myspace page

And there’s a flickr page with lots of photos of what’s inside –

beautiful room in a theatre

There doesn’t seem to have been much more info past what was going on April 29th.

Thanks to Micheeky for the photo


Crouch Hill Squatters



For a while I wondered why there were regular car boot sales at the Mountview theatre, and why there were continuous vans going in and out of the building that I’d not seen open since I moved to the area….. the answer is that the building is now occupied by an arts collective called Project 104.


Despite being open for 3 weeks I’d fail to twig until I started getting traffic finding this blog by looking for “Crouch End Squat” on Google. That picked up a separate story from my RSS feed about squatters at the TUC centre on CrouchEnd Hill, that also mentioned the Mountview Squat.


I can’t find any information about why the original building was left empty for so long. It is due to be turned into a school for autistic children, and Project 104 are quoted as saying we’re not obstructing plans for the redevelopment. We don’t mind leaving when it’s time.”


The Mountview Academy moved to Wood Green some time ago – but I did find an obituary of the founder Peter Coxhead.

Chew on this! – Ben Wilson displays in Crouch End the work was done a few weeks ago, residents of Crouch End can still find works by Ben Wilson on the Broadway. There are four works outside Budgens, and one more at the base of the Clocktower. There may be more around but it’s not obvious where they are….

Ben’s medium is chewing gum – he is a pavement artist, but at some point in time Ben became aware that painting on the pavement is illegal, whereas you can do whatever you like to chewing gum that is stuck to it – at least that’s what I overheard Ben saying to some teenagers who seemed completely captivated by what he was doing.

Ben lives in Muswell Hill and is a bit of a local celebrity of sorts – there’s a fair few articles about him in the local press, next time i see him working I’ll ask if he can create something just for me.