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Onion Selling Frenchman

On Friday at around 5pm there was a man stood by a bicycle in crouch end outside Woolworths, on the bike were bunches on onions and shallots. There was a small notice on the bike saying “stop me and buy one” so i did. The man had a ridiculously thick French accent, which led me to think he wasn’t actually French, but regardless he has plaited bunches of shallots and pink sweet onions for sale for £2. I bought some shallots, and very nice they are too (here they are hanging in my kitchen). No one else i know has seen him there before – did anyone else stop and buy onions? I should have taken his picture, but it was Friday night, I wanted to get home….but Paul kindly has taken a picture and put it on his site!.Shallots



  Paul wrote @

I did take a quick(bad!!) mobile picture of the said onion seller doing his thing.
Onion Guy

  allan jenkins wrote @

nice blog, keep in touch

  Emma Craven wrote @

Wasn’t he just cashing in on the (adopt French nasal accent) “‘on e ‘on” as he was standing outside Nicolas? Could a Francophile or similarly linguistically endowed bod out there please verify that the staff at Nicolas don’t suddenly revert to Gor Blimey once you’ve walked out the door. Is that why they have an alerting buzzer when you walk in the doorway…? Joyeux Noel, tout le monde

  chicken wrote @

Powerful post.

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