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Keeping the cats off the vegetable plot

Ok – i love my cats – they are great – but they are a pain  when they go to the toilet in the bare vegetable patch. Cat feces contains bacteria that are dangerous to humans – so its a bad move to grow things where cats have buried their mess.

To stop the cats there are a umber of things you can do. Chemical cat deterrents are one option, as is lion dung – but hey – these are my cats and I don’t think it’d be too kind to kick them out of their own back yard.

Another option is to put sticks into the ground where they are digging to stop them. This works fine for pot plants and window boxes, but not so well for big beds, that’s alot of sticks……

Instead i’ve gone for a combination of chicken wire and plastic covering, in the shape of our old broken shower curtain – so far so good. I’ll only see how effective this has been after a few days, but covering the patch so far is supposed to phyically deter the cats from digging because there is wire or plastic in the way…. 



  Rebecca (felting and living sustainably in rural Ireland) wrote @

Yes the cats, although adorable, are pesky with our beds too! I opt for the sticks, lots of sticks, we are lucky we live nearby plenty of hedgerows and woodlands, so sticks are a plenty! Large sticks around the edges, then smaller more spikey sticks in the bed. As the plants grow I remove the sticks and put them is a pile at the back of the bed, ready for next year … either for kindling or re-use on the beds.

  batteFarSutty wrote @

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  Cat Scarer wrote @

I battled with a cat problem in my garden for a long while, then finally found something that works in the form of an . It took a while to get the message, but get it they finally did – I’ve finally rid my garden of our feline friends!

  Effy wrote @

Sorry, I got the link wrong – it was meant to be to the cat repeller website!

  Cooker Hoods wrote @

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  Complete Kitchen wrote @

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